Welcome to the Project Exonaut WikiEdit

Hello fellow Exonaut players, since the OLD wiki is very inactive I will make this new wiki, and try to make the community grow. The Exonaut game is a MMO 3D action "shoot em up game". There are 2 teams, Atlas and the other is Banzai. Welcome to the Wiki about Project Exonaut. The Wiki anyone can edit! To play the game click here.

About Project Exonaut Edit

'Project Exonaut  is a free  online multiplayer game that lets you pilot a variety of exosuits inspired by your favorite Cartoon Network Characters.Equipped with jetpacks and  powerful weaponry,exosuits let you battle on the ground, in the sky, and even underground.'When you join Exonaut  Academy, you'll choose a faction, fight in battles, earn XP and unlock new ranks and exosuits. Master all the exosuits, all the weapons and all the maps, and you could become the ultimate Exonaut!


Banzai vs. Atlas! Choose your side!

Latest activityEdit

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